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PLannedilLusion APRIL 2021 Feature

PLannedilLusion - April 2021 Special Feature

'1000 PLannedilLusion Subscribers'

Man and any other animal


I thank all 1000+ subscribers and treat you to a summary of the shows and videos that have been showcased on the PLannedilLusion channel. In addition I round up the state of affairs we face to the best of my understanding, and explore the notion that the NWO have always regarded us as animals, even IN LAW.
Its been a privilege to be able to provide what I believe is meaningful content for those who seek an alternative to the lies being present in the MSM. I do not have all the answers but will indeed continue to research and put faith and trust in the Lord God during these incredible times

Check out the latest documentary PLannedilLusion Episode 6 showcasing Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR

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