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PLannedilLusion London Protest Edition

Check out the latest documentary PLannedilLusion Episode 6 showcasing Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR

PLannedilLusion - London Protest Edition

Dr Kevin Corbett - Kate Shemirani

Kate Shemirani (Natural Nurse) and Dr Kevin Corbett of the BRITISH NURSING ALLIANCE joins the show for an exclusive review of the London Protest march which took place in Central London on 24th April, 2021. Kate and Dr. Corbett attended the march to say no to the UK governments push for biological devices masquerading as vaccines to be administered without the full consent of the general public. We give our analysis of the day's events from footage released from the event and its implications to the ongoing push back against draconian totalitarianism In addition we review how MSM coverage of the behavior of the Police and protestors is undermining the right to peaceful protest, including anti-human agendas and secretly agreed targets like the restriction of our movements, reduction in food consumption, tracking, surveillance and the reduction of the human population.

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