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PLannedilLusion News Weekly #22

Check out the latest documentary PLannedilLusion Episode 6 showcasing Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR

PLannedilLusion - News Weekly #22

Fiona Marie Flanagan


In this episode

Irish Social/political commentator Fiona Marie Flanagan, returns to review recent events that have called into question the moral dilemma facing Christians who want to obey God and government too. Jimuphy and Fiona assess the biblical implications and offer what would seem to be the only 'simple' option DO WHAT GOD DEMANDS OF YOU AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT, leaving the Lord to deal with the rest. We also offer a spiritual perspective of all the evil being perpetrated on the human race, bottom line GOD IS IN CONTROL, and there is a purpose built eternal abode depending on which side of this monumental  spiritual battle you choose to reside.  

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