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PLannedilLusion Special Edition #11

Check out the latest documentary PLannedilLusion Episode 6 showcasing Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR

PLannedilLusion - Special Edition #11

'A Vaccine Testimony'

Ria Heslop

RIA HESLOP  is joined by UK author Stephen Wells to recount the events leading up to and after her dear father Joseph Hayes passing away shortly after receiving the PFIZER vaccine in the UK. This gut wrenching account serves as a reminder that the biological interventions referred to as vaccines are causing more harm than the authorities are admitting. As always treat the information provided here as as prompt for you to do your own investigation, seek the facts and come to your own conclusions.
Many thanks to Ria for her bravery in coming forward and also to Stephen Wells for his honest and forthright comments during the interview.

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