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20 Aug 2022

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Ramola D, EMF, 5G, Wireless Frequencies, 2.45GHZ, Cellphone Towers, Frequency Weapons, LRAD, DEW, Behavior Modification, Targeted Individuals, CFR, COR, WEF, Non Lethal Weapons, Energy Weapons, Anti-Personnel Weapons, Active Denial System, Bio Energetics

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In this episode:
PLannedilLusion welcomes writer and researcher Ramola D from, to discuss the follow on from the documentary 5G ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Ramola unpacks the truth extent of the use of EMF and weaponized frequencies as a deadly weapon deployed to control population and to carry out subversive operations on the unsuspecting general public. The information revealed by Ramola is truly alarming when considering the extensive use of wireless frequencies in SMART CITIES and the damage therefore being caused to the psysiological, neurological and psychological wellbeing of the masses, damages that are often wrongly attributed to Long COVID and the Jab. We are beginning to realise that there are various weapons being used at this moment in time to bring down humanity.
Show Links:
How a Texas woman fell for Alex Jones' Sandy Hook lies: ‘I should have known that it wasn’t true’

EMF And RF Radiation is a Growing Health Risk, Roll-Out of 5G Must Be Stopped

Social media poses ‘existential threat’ to traditional, trustworthy news: UNESCO

To Reach Ramola D head to:

Bitchute : Ramola D Reports

Sound Track:
'Sanctuary' [Suspense Drama CC-BY Music] - Scott Buckley

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