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3 Oct 2022

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Polio, PCR Tests, Germ Theory, COVID 19, HIV/AIDS, VIROLOGY, Kary Mullis, Setting The Virus Debate, Vaccines

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In this episode
In a bid to expose the fraudulent pseudo-science behind the notion of Virus a group of scientists, doctors, medical experts and medical researchers headed up by Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman are challenging the main stream medical community to prove the existence of Virus by way of a series of controlled scientific experiments.
Dr. Kevin Corbett is one of the expert signatories endorsing the challenge to the main stream medical cabal. He joins the show to walk us through the nature and significance of the challenge to prove Virus' exist, in addition to who is involved and the implications to BIG Pharma and the push for vaccines.

Show Links:
Continuum was a dissident AIDS journal based in London in the 1990s - all editions available here:
26 years ago, in Continuum's January/February 1996 edition, the magazine began offering £1,000 to the first person who could find a scientific study that proved the isolation of HIV - see small box advert (top right) on page 4 here:

Professor Peter Duesberg tried to claim the prize and wrote an article for the magazine in its July/August 1996 issue but his claim was rejected because it did not meet the conditions. Here is Professor Duesberg's claim on pages 8-9 of this PDF:

source: Continuun 4 (2), July/August 1996
In the following edition of Continuum, The Perth Group responded, see Special Supplement (Virus Isolation Special) beginning on page 17

source: Continuum 4(3), September/October 1996

Dr. Tom Cowan, Virus Challenge
Drs. Sam & Mark Bailey, Virus Challenge

To Reach Dr. Kevin Corbett
Dr. Kevin Corbett, Telegram channel Citizen Science
Dr. Kevin Corbett, website

Sound Track:
'Sanctuary' [Suspense Drama CC-BY Music] - Scott Buckley

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