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PLannedilLusion - Episode 5 - Where Do We Go From Here

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With the narrative around cases and testing as a means to force lockdowns around the globe, it is clear that there is an agenda that is anti-human and will be here for quite some time. As we come to terms with the daily challenges driven by these agendas, we take a look in Episode 5 at what we can all do to better cope with the situation. Episode 5 explores the practical spiritual mindset that we will all need, if we are to hold on to what it means to be human.


Special thanks to the guests who appeared in this episode:


Tunde Alabi (The Ice Man)

Lena Pu (Wireless Technologies Expert)

Kate Shemirani (Natural Nurse)

Bonnie & John (

Mark Steele (Military Weapons Expert)


Anthony Patch


Special Thanks and Music Credits to Dave Stewart (Mr LeftEye) '

Blue Print'


Special Thanks and Music Credits to Scott Buckley '


The Summoning; Catalyst; In Dreams


Also lots of love to my good friend Dia Beltran

( for hosting the series


Seven StarSeed


Pastor John Macarthur Dr


Carrie Madej


Thanks for the daily scriptures and inspiration :

Miss Tanya Dave Stewart Much love to the global resistance

moved by the Holy Spirit

Thank God for making this series and all things possible.

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