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Wide awake Australian who lives in Papua New Guinea, aware of the elites and their anti-humanity NWO plan, many YEARS before they rolled their much anticipated master plan for all of humanity through their fabricated 100% FAKE, nonexistent pandemic they dubbed 'covid19' and its laughable, totally transparent 'scarients'. Trying in vain to wake the sheeple and show them the huge elephant in the room they simply refuse to see. Will NEVER comply or acquiesce to any of their ridiculous, dehumanizing mandates and edicts. If they want to poison me with Bill Gates's overpopulation cure they will need to KILL me first, because they will never insert their toxic needle into any part of my body while I'm alive. Same if they expect me to wear a hideous face diaper to virtue signal my acceptance of my enslavement to them and their HATRED. 😷


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